7 Tips To Increase The Chances Of A Successful IVF

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Taking a step towards an IVF procedure is indeed an important decision. It affects both the partners going through the treatment mentally and physically. It is very important to keep in mind a few precautions while you go through an IVF treatment or plan to go through it. Based on our experience and records, here are some precautions which you must adopt before you plan for an IVF or go through the medication. 


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1. Consult The Most Experienced Doctor



Experience matters. A doctor with a good experience and numerous records in the past will handle your case better than a new one. Always make sure to go through your concerned doctor’s records and know his success rates from the past before consulting. 


2. Intake Consumption Of Folic Acid 



Folic acid supplements and food items help to reduce the risks of birth defects. Especially for patients going through an IVF treatment or planning to go for it, consumption of folic acid must begin before three months. Research says that folic acid can even boost the chance of twins by the IVF medication. Always consult with your doctor and ask about your food habits and diet chart.


3. Transfer two embryos if You Are over 40.



A single embryo transfer is fine, but chances of failure increase when you are above 40. Hence, it is better that you put one in use and freeze the other. The quality of your embryo will decide how successful the rate of your IVF is. 


4. Don’t go for full-on resting



Taking full bed rest after embryo transfer is a myth. It is good for you to relax but stay a little active. Take strolls in a park, or go out for a light meal. Skip weight lifting or heavy exercise but make sure you stay a little active, and calm. 


5. Avoid coughing or sneezing.



Avoid catching a cold or dust while you go through an IVF treatment as you must avoid coughing or sneezing during the process. If you catch a cold, go for a cough remedy or prescribed syrup to keep the stammers away. Be stable and quiet. 


6. Keep Yourself Happy



Make sure to get free of all that stress and tension. Keep your environment light and funny. Listen to music and do a little meditation. It is a proven fact that keeping your mood light and happy will indirectly affect your body and fertilization. 


7. Take Care Of Yourself



Pamper yourself. Eat healthy and tasty snacks, go for an evening stroll, and watch your favorite series. Ditch caffeine and alcohol products a few months before going for your IVF treatments and tell your partner to do the same. Relax your mind and body. 


These were some of the most important tips and precautions that might increase the success rate of your In Vitro Fertilization treatment. Moreover, it is important that you be yourself this whole time and accept the changes going in your body. 


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